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    Spa facilities

    Thermal Spa St. Teresita is located near Lake Amatitlan, a valley that enjoys a mild micro-climate all year round, 30 miles from Antigua. Its hot spring waters spring up from underground wells due to the proximity of Volcano PACAYA. Its unique architecture is entirely built with volcanic stones, giving it a sober and authentic character. Its large facilities have recently been renovated to offer the visitors a maximum of comfort.

    Things to do:

    Swim or immerse yourself in the thermal pools, indulge in spa treatments like mud baths, flower baths or aromatic massages, all at amazingly low prices compared to what you would pay in Europe or in the States.

    Learn more about the spa facilities:

    • There are 16 outdoor pools all of different sizes: the larger ones for swimming and the smaller ones for soaking. Some are roofed to provide shade from the sun.
    • The mineral water has a temperature of 24C to 42C ( 75F. to 108F.) and comes from underground wells, totally odorless and colorless. It is pumped into natural refrigeration tanks, from where it flows directly to the outdoor pools, tubs and steam baths. The pool water is constantly being renewed: “fresh” hot water falls from small cascades into the pools so that there is a permanent flow of in- and outgoing water.
    • In the indoor spa facilities, you can soak alone or with a partner in a private  tub. All tubs are “freshly” filled for each use with hot mineral water and after each use they are drained, disinfected and rinsed
    • There are alsoprivate steam rooms, where you can inhale the natural mineral vapor impregnated with natural eucalyptus leaves. Both the tiled tubs and the stone steam rooms are equipped with showers.
    • The restaurant/cafeteria, the private tubs and the steam baths are located inside the main building. A spacious private spa loungeis used exclusively for massages and aromatherapy. There are separate dressing rooms and showers for men and women.
    • Once immersed in the hot springs pools, contemplating the surrounding mountains and Volcano AGUA, you´ll experience total bliss…
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