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    Testimonial video
    Patients with successful surgeries

    Plastic surgery procedure for Donn C., Chicago

    Plastic surgery procedure for Donn C., Chicago

    Jim B.,Tx. with Dr. Muñoz-Muniz

    Jim B.,Tx. with Dr. Molina Muñiz

    MTG, Dr Rodriguez & Patient

    Kelsie C. with Plastic Surgeon and MTG Representative

    David L. & Plastic Surgeon

    Successful Plastic Surgery

    Successful Plastic Surgery

    Successful Surgery

    Successful Surgery

    Successful Plastic Surgery

    Successful Plastic Surgery

    Patrick & Liza, Alaska Dental restorations & Health Checkups

    Patrick & Liza, Alaska
    Dental restorations & Health Checkups

    “Cecile of Medical Tourism Guatemala helped me with my chin liposuction and with getting a septoplasty in Guatemala City. She was amazingly helpful, set up all the logistics and accompanied me to all the medical visits, coordinated with the Drs to help answer all my many questions. On the surgery day she met me at my hotel and escorted me to the doctor’s office just two blocks away. The plastic surgery procedures went flawless, Cecile helped me all the way and I was able to save in Guatemala thousands of Dollars compared to quotes I received in the U.S. for the same surgical procedures. The plastic surgeon she referred me to was Head of reconstructive and plastic surgery for 15 years at a major hospital in Guatemala. The ENT Specialist in Guatemala City went to a prestigious US medical school and speaks four languages having studied in Europe. The surgery results have been excellent; I would not hesitate to work with Cecile & Medical Tourism Guatemala again for any medical or dental need. I highly recommend her services. She is fantastic!”  David L.,  Chicago, IL.

    Happy Dental Patient

    Ryder W.  Dental Patient 

    “I’m very happy with my new smile. Dr. Gandinni gave me two perfect implant crowns. He was very professional and his staff was excellent. I am extremely pleased and will happily refer you and Dr. Gandinni.”  Ryder W.,  Santa Cruz, CA.

    Dr. F. Barrios Surgeon of P.C. Washintgon DC

    Dr. F. Barrios Surgeon of P.C. Washington DC

    “Cecile accompanied me all along to the consultation visits to the Radiologist, Anesthesiologist, and other MD Specialists; she was allowed to stay during my biopsy … and helped me through the anxious moments… thanks to her loving presence it was  easier to forget my fears and undergo all the procedures: After my surgery, which went better that expected, she was there, to make sure all my needs were met at the clinic where I stayed for a few days … my surgeon, Dr Francisco Barrios, (see picture) visited me several times a day to monitor my recuperation and the kind nurses took care of me with a loving heart. I felt greatly blessed for her continued support and that of the surgical team. I want to recommend Medical Tourism Guatemala to all my friends back in the States who have been following my story and have been amazed at the type of V.I.P treatment I received here during my medical stay.”  P. Z. Washington DC

    Health Check Ups

    Dana – Health Check Ups

    “Both my husband and I needed medical check ups and consultations with several Specialist MDs in Guatemala City: We were so happy we found Medical Tourism Guatemala, we did not have to worry about anything, just show up, our Medical experience was super organized and we were able to enjoy our free time after all the round of tests and medical appointments.  Our son who is suffering from severe allergies had a severe asthma crisis here; Cecile referred us to a Naturopath who after a series of bioresonance tests, discovered the real cause of his problems… and put him  on a clean healthy diet coupled with homeopathic medicines, at last we can wane him from all the steroids that he has been receiving for years.  We would never have been able to accomplish that without MTG, thank you Cecile, we´ll recommend you to our friends!  “Dana, Bob & Luc L., Belize

    Mark Meehan

    Mark Meehan – Antiaging Procedures

    “My experience in Guatemala City was a surprise and a treat. The hospital and spa-med clinic far exceeded my expectations. The care and dedication the doctors and staff expressed was so far superior than that in the United States. CECILE was an unbelievable host. Her knowledge, personality and extraordinary attention made my stay very comfortable.”  Mark Meehan, massage therapist, W. Yarmouth, MA

    Medical Emergency

    Medical Emergency

    “While traveling in Guatemala I had a medical emergency. Fortunately I found www.medicaltourismguatemala.com, and explained my problem to Cecile; within 5 minutes she made an appointment for me with an English speaking Specialist MD for the following morning. Once I arrived  in Guatemala City, Cecile dropped by at my hotel to make sure I was OK.  The Urologist was friendly and thorough, he sent me to the hospital for an MRI, blood and urine tests. It was a modern and clean facility, the staff was friendly and attentive. Cecile followed up on me to see if everything went well. It was Saturday, so I had to wait till Monday to have the results. On Monday Cecile called to find out if I had spoken to the Dr, as I had not heard from him, she then called his office immediately and within minutes a nurse called me and put the Doctor on the line. He told me what he saw in the results, his opinion was that I would be fine; he said if I had more problems I should call him immediately. Cecile contacted me again because she found another hotel, that was way less expensive and where I could stay with my dog. She went to this other place, spoke with the owner, who would allow me to stay for a long term at a very reasonable price. The whole experience went very smoothly. I was impressed by the quality of the medical facilities and the attentiveness of the medical staff, and the cost was very low. My last MRI in the US cost over $4000. The MRI in Guatemala cost the equivalent of $225 I had a potentially life threatening condition, and put my trust in Cecile Billiet. For anyone in a similar situation, I highly recommend contacting her via  www.medicaltourismguatemala.com “ – E.B., Prescott, AZ

    Dr. S. A. CA

    Dr. S. A. CA

    Since a while my old dental work began failing, resulting in cracks and advanced decay. I went to a University dental clinic in San Francisco and learned that I would need extensive dental restoration.  The cost for me was prohibitive.  I began searching for alternatives online and came across Medical Tourism Guatemala. Ms. Cecile Billiet, a Belgian national with strong ties to Guatemala put me in touch with a Maxillo-facial Specialist specifically trained in reconstructive dental surgery.  Dr. Mario Ganddini and his team of dental physicians reviewed my previous records and x-rays.  Cecile sent a timely reply with the doctor’s clinical impression and treatment plan, the cost of the reconstruction, and the amount of approximate visits it would take to complete. The fees came in substantially below anything I could obtain in my area.  After reviewing the doctor¨s credentials I decided to book my flight to GUATEMALA to have the dental work performed. In summary, three things defined my experience: expertise, integrity and compassion. I was able to complete Dr. Ganddini’s plan in three visits with time left for touring the nearby areas of interest.  Ms. Billiet is a professional in every sense of the word.  Dr. Ganddini is at the top of his field, exhibiting a quiet confidence that at once set me at ease. I recommend them both highly. – P.S.  Both are fluent in several languages including English, Spanish and German.”   Dr. S.A., California

    Louise N.

    Louise N. – Plastic Surgery Procedure

    “It’s a pleasure to tell you about my medical experience in Guatemala City. I corresponded with Cecile, of Medical Tourism Guatemala the year prior to coming to Guatemala.  When I finally arrived, Cecile immediately made me feel comfortable. She had arranged all the logistics and introduced me to Dr. Estuardo Rodriguez, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Guatemala City.

    The medical facilities have the latest medical equipment, and the staff is very attentive and friendly.

    The care I received was extraordinary, and Dr. Rodriguez’s surgical skills are comparable, if not superior to any I have observed in Canada and Europe.  I found him to be a very compassionate and caring person with a friendly personality. Cecile accompanied me to all of my doctor’s appointments, monitored my well-being on a daily basis and even held my hand when my sutures were removed.  In addition, Cecile is very knowledgeable, experienced and her professionalism has impressed me greatly.

    Woman cannot describe what a wonderful experience this has been for me.  There is no doubt that I will return many times to Guatemala for medical procedures and to visit this beautiful country.”  Louise N. , from Toronto.

    Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant Surgery in Guatemala

    “This has been an amazing experience in Guatemala, from the first contact with Cecile of Medical Tourism Guatemala via email and phone:  my planning of all requirements, hotel transportation, and once in Guatemala City meeting with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rodriguez.  The attention to detail, covering every aspect, answering every question  allayed every concern or anxiety I had.  I came with full confidence, from picking me up at the airport sign in hand, arrival at my hotel,  arranging appointments with physicians and labs the following day: all went perfectly. Small concerns, groceries and medications etc. , which could and would have been problematic, were taken care of with great ease.  This attention to all of my physical needs made me feel very secure and cared for.

    Dr. Estuardo Rodriguez and Dr. Roberto Bolaños (both Board certified Plastic Surgeons  who operate together) were excellent. Their technical skills are very obvious.  The Anesthesiologist was excellent and I had no concerns for my health care.

    The surgical suite is very sufficient and his entire staff very competent.  Frequent follow-up (3 additional personal appointments) and a phone call each night until I saw the Plastic Surgeon in person,  is a testament to the sincere professionalism and caring nature of his practice.

    Now in regards to Cecile:  I can not thank her enough for her care, attention to detail and thorough follow through.  She has created an incredible opportunity to hand-walk a patient through a very complicated process with care and grace.  Having received information from other medical travelers in Guatemala, there is no doubt I chose the best option. ”    E.B.,  Florida – Registered Nurse 

    Heather Holcomb

    Heather Holcomb – Mini Laparoscopic Surgery

    “I would highly recommend Medical Tourism Guatemala to anyone considering traveling for medical reasons. The care and attention to detail I have received in Guatemala exceed any other experience I’ve had in the U.S. or Canada. The mini laparoscopy (which is not available in the U.S.) was performed in a very modern, very clean facility. The cost for me has been about 10% of what the cost would be in the U.S. for the lower tech procedure. Medical Tourism Guatemala’s team made it an easy and enjoyable experience. They arranged all the details, and know the best specialist facilities; so you can know you’re receiving the best care. On top of the medical there are many great restaurants and sites to see in Guatemala. On all accounts it is

    well worth the trip.” Heather Holcomb, Yakutat, Alaska. 

    Ms. Lucinda Dee

    Ms. Lucinda Dee – Stem Cell Therapy in Guatemala

    My experience with Cecile of Medical Tourism Guatemala and Specialist Dr. Byron Sanchez has been wonderful. Cecile was a great facilitator for me: answering all the questions I had, always A.S.A.P. Dr Sanchez was very helpful answering all our questions we had on stem cell therapy, along with Cecile´s help for interpreting. Having the consultation with him the day before the therapy helped allay any fears I had. He was kind, friendly and explained the procedure, which lasted 45 minutes and was painless. The medical clinic was very clean and efficient. I would recommend using Medical Tourism Guatemala and Dr Byron Sanchez, Board certified Hematologist & Oncologist. I will certainly go back again in the future.” Ms. Lucinda DEE, Williamsville, Vermont

    Vanessa C.

    Vanessa C – Breast Augmentation & Liposuction in Guatemala

    Cecile of Medical Tourism Guatemala (MTG) is very profesional: everything she wrote and told me was exactly how it all happened.  As soon as I met the plastic surgeon in Guatemala City Dr. Rodriguez, I felt confident: he gave me all the details of the surgeries and made me feel warm and welcome. One week after my breast augmentation and liposuction I stopped taking pain pills and went shopping at the Mall ! I enjoyed my convalescence in Guatemala City and loved the apartment Medical Tourism Guatemala recommended. Both Cecile and Dr. Rodriguez made my medical vacation in Guatemala very

    pleasant.   Vanessa C., Belize

    Carole Foster

    Carole Foster

    “The care was excellent and the doctors in Guatemala are the best I ever had. Dr Behrens is an excellent Doctor and solved my  problem, where no one else could find. Cecile Billiet of Medical Tourism Guatemala was really helpful and a joy to be around. The staff at the hospital in Guatemala City took great care of me and I am grateful to all.”

      Carol Farneti-Foster, New Jersey.

    Terry Bell

    Terry Bell


    “My surgical with Medical Tourism Guatemala and Dr Rodriguez was beyond all expectations… an evaluation for the same cosmetic surgery from U.S. surgeons was $13,500.00, my surgery in Guatemala was $4,500.00 … I could not recommend a more superior service than Cecile´s Medical Tourism Guatemala package and Dr. Rodriguez´s abilities and care. You can be confident in the professionalism, advice, safety and success of your procedure…”

    Terry Bell, Colombus, Ohio.

    Ms. Joanna Ruggiero

    Joanna with Dr. Rosales MD Plastic Surgeon

    The Guatemalan hospital experience was extraordinary. The hospitality of staff and Doctors was exceptional. The facility, operating rooms, outpatient care far exceeded my expectations. The equipment was state of the art. I have not seen such advanced facilities in the USA, and have not experienced such a focus on family and aftercare in the US. I received anti-aging treatments that far exceeded the same treatments I received back home. I would return again. The products were exceptional and the methods advanced. The cost was considerably less than the US rates. More astounding was the experience ! Brilliant !! Exceptional.”Ms. Joanna Ruggiero, Licensed in Esthetics with State Board of Cosmetology, MA.

    Jane Tribble

    Jane Tribble with MD

    “…Within a day I tracked down Cecile Billiet, native of Belgium, founding member of the non-profit Medical Tourism Commission in Guatemala, who runs a medical tourism facilitation services…(she) charged a reasonable fee for arranging everything, whisked me from the airport to a comfortable hotel, and next morning in a clean hospital. Dr Campbell’s nurse hooked up the intravenous line to administer Zometa(*)…, the first of six monthly treatments I needed…Waved off by smiling nurses, Dr Campbell gave me his number and told me to call any time. How different from the doctors at home….”

    From:  Daily Mail, by journalist & TV-presenter J.Tribble

    “… I would like to say thank you for all your help. I really liked the doctor, Dr. Muñiz, and Marco, the driver was wonderful. Again, thank you!! Your service is incredible, and its very conforting to know you are there. ”

    Judith P., Antigua

    “… I greatly appreciate all your efforts and support. You have given me such wonderful information. You are a great asset to Dr. Flores and his patients.”

    Judy Hill, Georgia

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