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    Stem Cell Rejuvenation – FAQ

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    Is the Fountain of Youth dormant in our own bodies?

    Amongst the trillion of cells functioning in our body there is a special kind of cells, called stem cells, which are the fundamental founding blocks of life.

    They remain dormant in our body from where they can be extracted. Those cells are also called “progenitor” cells or “mother”: they help rebuild, repair and rejuvenate our body, in other words: they stimulate our body to heal on its own.

    Stem cells can slow the process of aging and repair damaged tissue. They will automatically find their way to heal the damaged tissues, they have their own “radar” or inner intelligence; this process is called homing.

    Indeed, research in stem cell biology has shown that our body has the capacity to heal itself: the extracted stem cells can target our damaged cells and regenerate them, they are “waking up” your other stem cells that have remain dormant, restoring your vitality and libido.

    How are we aging?

    With aging, the cells of the body begin to decay. They lose their ability to regenerate and repair tissue. Changes begin to show on the skin; the internal organs such as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and the sex glands, begin to lose their functional efficiency. At this point, you begin to look and feel tired and notice symptoms of “getting old”. Aging also sets in a number of diseases like arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart complications, and even cancer. Most of them can be traced to deficiencies at cellular level.

    How can Stem cell therapy rejuvenate us?

    • Improve our cardiovascular system
    • Boost our immune system
    • Improve our musculoskeletal system
    • Act as Antioxidants
    • Function as Anti-stress within the human cell
    • Improve the cerebral & cortical functions
    • Co-assist in the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases
    • Produce overall improvement in our metabolic and hormonal system.

    The benefits will be noticeable within 2 to 3 weeks after the stem cell transplants.  Patients can check this for themselves, based upon a renewed sense of wellbeing, they experience less fatigue and an overall better mood. Some of the tests regarding blood sugar and cholesterol will improve. Sick people should note that they are able to bring their sufferings under control. This procedure can be done up to 3 times a year, delivering even higher benefits.

    Are there any complications with Stem cell Therapy?

    Medical Tourism Guatemala advocates the use of adult stem cells, which are not leading to adverse reactions or risk of rejections.

    Is there an age limit for a Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy?

    Usually people of 50 years and more experience symptoms related to aging. However, you have to keep in mind that biological age is not always synonym of chronological age! If a person is fit enough to fly to Guatemala, then he is a candidate for a rejuvenation therapy, even more so if this person suffers from underlying diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension. A stem cell therapy will help patients to better control their disease and/or improve their response to the disease.

    What are the requisits prior to a Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy?

    All medical records including: medical history, blood screenings (if needed: X-rays or MRI images) have to be forwarded minimum 2 weeks prior to the treatment, before our medical staff can assess as to which type of cell therapies is best suited in your case (autologous or heterologous). If your medical records are older than 3 months, all relevant tests should be done in Guatemala, before the stem cell therapy. Contact us for more information.

    Is Stem Cell Therapy the same as “cellular therapy”?

    NO, stem cell transplants are not to be confounded with “cellular therapies” or “life cellular” therapies, which are using animal cells – mainly from cattle – which are being administered to patients under the form of capsules, tablets, injections or vials (sometimes called “anti-aging vaccines”)

    P.S.: The biggest problem with those “cellular therapies” is that they contain proteins and cells from other species, which are then prepared in a laboratory. All of these cells and derivatives of proteins with chemicals are sterilized and packaged into vials or pills, similar to any other medication.

    The American Cancer Society has strongly advised against those so-called “cellular therapies”. Indeed, cells from the organs of one species cannot replace the cells of the organs of another species. When foreign proteins are injected, the immune system attacks them. In addition, injections of animal cells can spread viral disease and trigger severe allergic reactions. When taken orally, animal cells are digested and are not absorbed intact into the body.

    Medical Tourism Guatemala will never refer you to Medical Professionals who treat patients with cells derived from animals.

    On the contrary, the stem cell therapies Medical Tourism Guatemala refers to, are based on human cells: those stem cells are extracted from the patient’s body or from a compatible donor, the re-injection after the stem cell processing is almost instantaneous, without the use of chemical components or cells from animal origin, hence eliminating the risk of rejection or adverse reactions.

    Contact us if you are interested in Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy

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