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    If you belong to a U.S. Corporation, profit (or non-profit = humanitarian NGO’s, charitable organizations) You, Your  Dependents as well as your Employer can benefit in a big way !!

    Indeed: a new U.S. Employer-sponsored Health Insurance, the LAPHP or Latin America Preferred Health Plan guarantees it’s workers complete medical coverage by A nationwide hospital network, moreover it waives employees’ deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays, if they choose to travel to Guatemala for surgical procedures/treatments with select private medical providers.

    Benefits of LAPHP for You the Employee and Your Dependents:

    • Free Travel to Guatemala with travel companion of your choice: All expenses (medical & travel related) covered 100% for both you and your travel companion
    • Waiving of your deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance
    • Access to health benefits not available with conventional insurance companies (e.g.: Weight loss surgery, stem cells, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Deep brain stimulation…)
    • Highly personal medical care offered by Elite MD Specialists in Guatemala City

     Benefits of LAPHP for your Employer:

    • Reduced premium rates with Re-insurance Carriers
    • Less taxes
    • Sustainable cash savings every year
    • Health plans can continually be customized to take into account Employees’ health conditions and medical needs

    P.S.: Innovative U.S. backed Medical Insurance Benefit Plan is in full compliance with U.S. Federal Legislation (A.C.A., HIPAA & ERISA Rules & Regulations).

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