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    Requisits Prior to Traveling:

    • A certificate from your primary care physician that you are fit to travel
    • Fill in our Medical history form  (*)

    (*) If you are interested in having surgery done with the Bariatric Specialist team of Dr. Behrens & Dr. Montufar, we´ll email you a Medical history form to be filled in and returned to us prior to your arrival. You will also receive a menu for a 2-week diet to follow before your surgery.

    Requisits before the surgery:

    For your safety, pre-surgical clinical tests and multi-disciplinary evaluations are done by a team of 7 Specialists, e.g.:  Bariatric Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Nutritionist, Psychologist, and if necessary : Lung Specialist.

    All those tests and the clinical evaluation with the specialists are all performed in one day, the day prior to surgery. The total cost of pre-op tests = $625,- which includes the following:

    • Digestive endoscopy    (P.S: If you have a video of a previous endoscopy done less than 3 months ago, bring it with you, otherwise endoscopy has to be done in Guatemala)
    • Esophageal Manometry
    • Urine analysis, 24h PH measurement
    • X-rays of thorax (front, back and sides)
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Spirometry
    • Ultrasound gallbladder and liver
    • Comprehensive Hematology, e.g.:
      • Blood chemistry
      • Fasting Glucose
      • Cholesterol
      • Bilirubin
      • Prothrombin time
      • Triglycerides
      • Total Lipids
      • T3, T4 and TSH

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