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    Price Neurostimulator

    How much does it cost to receive a neurostimulator implant?

    The cost to implant a neurostimulator varies with each patient because there are different types of neurostimulators, depending on the type and location of the pain felt by the patient.

    That’s why it’s important to evaluate the patient first via a proper diagnosis (MRI, blood tests, medical records, medical history);  if the patient is then considered as a valuable candidate for neurostimulation, in a first stage, this patient will go through a trial period for 3 – 4 days to see if the neurostimulator is effective;  if positive, then the second part of the program is scheduled a few days later to implant the neurostimulator, which is a minimally invasive ambulatory procedure.

    To know if you are a candidate for a neurostimulator implant:


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