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    Success Factors

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    All of the plastic surgery operations performed in the United States are available in Guatemala, at a lesser cost and with excellent quality of care. What are the factors determining the success of plastic surgery?

    The Plastic Surgeon:

    • Board certified for his specialty
    • A lot of surgical experience for the type of intervention you want
    • Technical and artistic hability
    • Ethical values: your security and wellbeing are priority above any other considerations
    • Intense monitoring after the operation and follow-up during aftercare

    The Patient:

    • Fit to travel and in good health
    • Realistic expectations:  example: with a facelift, a 60-year old woman is going to look younger but she won´t get the looks of a 20-year old
    • Follows strictly the Doctor´s guidelines before and after the operation
    • Spends enough time for convalescence before boarding the plane to go home

    The Hospital/Surgical Clinic:

    • Is certified by the Health Authorities and is frequently used by foreign patients
    • State of the art technology
    • Rate of nurse towards patient  (3 to 1)
    • Low nocosomial infection rate
    • Provides personal nurse to monitor the patient 36 hours after surgery (optional)
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