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    Price List

    In the last column below you’ll see for each operation how many days/nights you stay at the hospital/clinic after the actual surgery:

    Types of Surgery Surgery Clinic Hospital / Pilar Days in clinic/hospital
    Eyelid surgery (both upper + lower eyelids)
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Nose surgery
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Forehead lift
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Facelift cheeks
    1 day + 1 night
    Crow’s feet
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Neck lift
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Liposuction per area $1,150.00
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Breast augmentation inclusive implants(*)
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Breast reduction
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Calf implants inclusive implants(*)
    1 day and/or 1 night
    Butt augmentation w/fat
    1 day
    Tummy Tuck
    4 days (**)

    Special promotions of several surgeries in “one”

    Facelift (eyelids + forehead, + cheeks, + crow’s feet + neck lift) $5,800.00
    1 day + 1 night
    Tummy Tuck + liposuction of waist and lower back
    4 days (**)
    (*) FDA approved implants
    (**) Regarding abdominoplasty, also called Tummy-tuck, after 4 days in the hospital, patient needs to remain in convalescence for another 3 weeks in Guatemala (one week in Guatemala City for follow-up, the 2 remaining weeks can be spent in Antigua) before boarding a flight to return home.

    Above standard pricelist includes:

    • Fees of:  Head Plastic Surgeon operating together in team with second Plastic Surgeon, fees of Anesthesiologist and of assistant nurses.
    • Medicines administered during the surgery
    • Cost of prosthesis or implants where applicable (FDA approved).
    • Pre-surgery consultation with Anesthesiologist and post-surgery (follow-up) consultations with Plastic Surgeon in Guatemala City.
    • Meals & medication when hospitalized in HOSPITAL

    Not included in standard pricelist:

    • All pre-operation clinical tests in Guatemala (complete hematology, thyroid tests, urine test, X-ray lung) which can all be done on the same day (=approx. $115.00)
    • Physical exam, EKG and medical report by MD Specialist in Cardiology and Internal Medicine ($54.00)
    • All medication to be taken before (e.g.: anti-biotics) and/or after leaving the hospital or surgery clinic
    • If patient comes alone, or upon advice by Plastic Surgeon: one night stay at surgery clinic just after the operation (=$65.oo) including nurse assistance during the night.
    • Unforeseen medical/surgical  complications experienced by the patient involving unforeseen additional expenses and obliging him/her to extend his/her stay at the Hospital or at surgery clinic
    • When applicable: Medical bra ($35.00) in case of breast surgery and/or or medical girdle ($85.00) in case of liposuction/abdominoplasty, to be worn after surgery
    • 5% local bank transaction fee  if you pay with credit cards and local tax (Value added Tax = 12%)
    • first pre-surgery consultation with the Plastic Surgeon (= US$45)

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