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    Dr. Julio Luis POZUELOS, PhD in Spinal Surgery, Neurosurgeon


    • Medical Doctor, University Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City 1998
    • Graduated as Neurosurgeon after residency at Hospital Gomez Ulla, Madrid (Spain) 2001-2006
    • PhD (cum Laude) in spinal surgery at Madrid Autonome University, (Spain) 2001-2006
    • Head of Neurosurgery, General Hospital San Juan de Dios, 2006-2009
    • Head of Neurosurgery, Military Medical Center, 2006 to date
    • Associate Neurosurgeon, Hospital Herrera Llerandi, 2006 to date
    • Head Neurosurgeon Sanatorium Our Lady of Pilar, 2007 to date
    • Work privileges in Guatemala City´s largest private hospitals
    • Co-founded with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Luis Cruz, Specialist in Spine Surgery,  a multi-disciplinary clinic specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal disorders,  2008 to date
    • Specialized in mini-invasive spine and brain surgery (MIS)
    • Dr. Julio Luis Pozuelos speaks fluently English (studies at bilingual college in Guatemala City)


    • Guatemalan Association of Doctors & Surgeons-(Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala)
    • Association of Neurosurgeons of Guatemala -(Asociación Guatemalteca de Cirugía Neurológica)
    • Association of Spine Surgeons of Guatemala  (Asociación de Cirujanos de Columna de Guatemala)
    • Platinum Member of AOSpine LatinAmerica (www.AOspine.org), theglobal academic community for education and research on spinal disorders
    • Member of AOspine, Guatemala chapter


    • Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS)
    • Spinal tumors
    • Spinal cord trauma
    • Laminectomies, Herniated disk, Discectomy
    • Cervical & lumbar Stenosis
    • Degenerative spine pathology
    • Pediatric neurosurgery (vascular malformations)
    • Brain tumors
    • Head trauma (aneurysm, craneoplasty)
    • Stereotactic procedures
    • Peripheral nerve surgery (e.g.: carpal tunnel syndrome)


    • Dr. Julio Luis Pozuelos is one of only 5 Neurosurgeons in Guatemala who practices minimally invasive neuro- and spinal surgery, using specially designed equipment manufactured in the U.S.    Since 2002 he has participated in numerous congresses in Guatemala and abroad, and is  AOspine’s Representative with Guatemala’s Medical and Surgical Board for continuum education and training of Guatemalan Neurosurgeons on minimally  invasive Spinal Surgery.

    pozuelos WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF M.I.S.? Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS) is a time and cost-saving procedure for the patient, who is recovering faster than if he would undergo open surgery. MIS minimizes soft tissue trauma, incision length and disruption of ligaments and bony structures. Very few blood is lost and scars are minimal (Look at the pictures below of a minimally invasive micro-discectomy performed by Dr. Pozuelos) Pozuelos_operacion

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