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    Time Planning

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    Estimated amount of time you need to plan for your Maxillofacial surgeries in GUATEMALA

    Surgery Prior to Surgery (*) After
    Surgical removal of third molars 1 day 4 days
    Dental Implants 2 days 4-6 days
    Sinus bone graft and/or bone reconstruction 2 days 7 days
    Orthognatic Surgery 4 days 14 days
    (*) your travel/arrival/departure day is not included in that estimate.

    Modalities of your Post-Surgical stay

    • Your first post-op consultation will take place 1 day after surgery
    • Depending upon your type of surgery, you can take 2 days off, spend your weekend for instance in Antigua and come back for another consultation on the 4th day after surgery.
    • Then again you can prolong your convalescence preferably in Antigua
    • You will need another consultation before boarding your flight
    • You can attend as many post-op consultations with the Maxillofacial Surgeon, as your condition warrants
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