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    Required diagnostic material for each procedure:

    Surgical removal of impacted third molars

    • Current panoramic X-Ray (Panorex)

    Dental implants surgery

    • Current panoramic X-Ray (Panorex) and a current set of working study models

    Orthognatic surgery:

    • Current panomramic X-Ray (Panorex)
    • Current cephalometric X-ray (lateral), and facial photos

    Type of pre-surgical tests required:

    • For procedures with general anesthesia:
      • Hemoglobin
      • Hematocrit (also called: HCT or PVC or EVF)
      • Partial prothrombin time  (TP)
      • Partial  thromboplastin time  (TTP)
      • Creatinine, glucose and hepatic functions
      • Urine tests (routine exam)
      • Medical exam
      • EKG and X-Ray of the lungs
    • For procedures with local anesthesia: only the first 5 clinical laboratory tests mentioned above.

    The surgeon might not be able to start your surgery on the spot, if the labtests show that you suffer from anemia or that your blood does not coagulate fast enough,  in which case you would have to take iron and Vit K during a certain period of time until your labtests are satisfactory. This  is  why we recommend you to perform the pre-surgical tests before you travel to Guatemala. The other advantage is that the Maxillo-facial Surgeon can carefully analyze  your medical and clinical tests before-hand and give you a precise diagnosis and give you a time-table for your treatments. X-rays can be sent digitally or by Fedex. Working study models have to be sent by Fedex or DHL.

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