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    Price List

    Third Molars Surgery

    Surgical removal of all four impacted third molars, under Intra-Venous sedation
    $ 850.00

    Dental Implants

    Insertion of dental implants under local anesthesia with adequate bone density (per implant)
    $ 1,000.00

    Note: if mineralized bone and a collagen membrane are required to adequately cover the implant, there will be an additional charge of approximately $ 230.00. Note: If the anesthesia method of choice is Intra-Venous sedation, the charge for this type of anesthesia and for the anesthesiologist´s fees will be estimated according to the duration of surgery:

    First hour
    $ 350.00
    Each additional half -hour
    $ 150.00

    The choice of anesthesia is a result of a dialogue between the patient and the  dental Surgeon.

    Note: These costs refer only to the surgical aspect of dental implants. The placement of crowns and dentures is performed by our in-house prosthodontist, Estuardo Rodriguez Jr. DDS

    Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting Surgeries

    Procedures Prices
    Unilateral sinus lift with local anesthesia
    $ 1,800.00
    Unilateral sinus lift with I.V. sedation
    $ 2,700.00
    Bilateral sinus lift with I.V. sedation
    $ 3,950.00
    Bone reconstruction 1 sinus with autogenous (patient’s own) bone graft, with I.V. sedation
    $ 3,850.00
    Bone reconstruction 2 sinus with autogenous bone graft, with I.V. sedation
    $ 5,100.00
    Bone reconstruction with autogenous bone
    • From mandibular bone with I.V. sedation
    $ 1,500.00
    • From illiac crest with general anesthesia
    $ 2,850.00

    Orthognatic Surgery

    Procedures Prices
    Genioplasty (chin augmentation)
    $ 1,900.00
    Mandibular advancement
    $ 6,800.00
    Mandibular advancement and genioplasty
    $ 7,400.00
    Maxillary impactation
    $ 6,800.00
    Maxillary advancement surgery with bone grafting
    $ 7,300.00
    Bimaxillary surgery
    $ 9,000.00
    Bimaxillary surgery with genioplasty
    $ 9,600.00
    Bimaxillary surgery with bone grafting
    $ 9,500.00
    Bimaxillary surgery with genioplasty and bone grafting

    All maxillofacial surgeries are considered major surgery.

    The approximate total cost includes the following

    • Fees Maxillofacial surgeon, surgical assistants and anesthesiologist
    • Operating room expenses
    • Materials
    • As well as pre-surgical as post-surgical visits.

    The pricelist does not include:

    • Medical check ups and required lab tests prior to surgeries ( Click here to see what is required in submenu: Requisits pre-op)
    • 7% local bank fee transaction if you pay with credit card and local tax (= Value Added Tax: 12%)

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