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    Price List

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    Third Molars Surgery

    Surgical removal of all four impacted third molars, under Intra-Venous sedation

    Dental Implants

    Insertion of dental implants under local anesthesia with adequate bone density (per implant)

    Note: if mineralized bone and a collagen membrane are required to adequately cover the implant, there will be an additional charge of approximately $ 230.00. Note: If the anesthesia method of choice is Intra-Venous sedation, the charge for this type of anesthesia and for the anesthesiologist’s fees will be estimated according to the duration of surgery:

    First hour
    Each additional half -hour

    The choice of anesthesia is a result of a dialogue between the patient and the dental Surgeon.

    Note: These costs refer only to the surgical aspect of dental implants. The placement of crowns and dentures is performed by our in-house prosthodontist, Estuardo Rodriguez Jr. DDS

    Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting Surgeries

    Unilateral sinus lift with local anesthesia
    Unilateral sinus lift with I.V. sedation
    Bilateral sinus lift with I.V. sedation
    Bone reconstruction 1 sinus with autogenous (patient’s own) bone graft, with I.V. sedation
    Bone reconstruction 2 sinus with autogenous bone graft, with I.V. sedation
    Bone reconstruction with autogenous bone
    • From mandibular bone with I.V. sedation
    • From illiac crest with general anesthesia

    Orthognatic Surgery

    Genioplasty (chin augmentation)
    Mandibular advancement
    Mandibular advancement and genioplasty
    Maxillary impactation
    Maxillary advancement surgery with bone grafting
    Bimaxillary surgery
    Bimaxillary surgery with genioplasty
    Bimaxillary surgery with bone grafting
    Bimaxillary surgery with genioplasty and bone grafting

    All maxillofacial surgeries are considered major surgery.

    The approximate total cost includes the following

    • Fees Maxillofacial surgeon, surgical assistants and anesthesiologist
    • Operating room expenses
    • Materials
    • As well as pre-surgical as post-surgical visits.

    The pricelist does not include:

    • Medical check ups and required lab tests prior to surgeries ( Click here to see what is required in submenu: Requisits pre-op)
    • 7% local bank fee transaction if you pay with credit card and local tax (= Value Added Tax: 12%)
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