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    IVF Explained

    The following 4 stages of IVF treatment take place in Guatemala City:

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    Stage 1 – Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring:

    To maximize chances for successful fertilization, a patient undergoing IVF takes hormones –  usually in the form of injections – to increase the number of eggs produced in a given month. The monitoring is performed in Guatemala City by the Specialist MD who follows the woman’s ovarian response, allowing the Doctor to adjust the medication dosage.

    Stage 2 – Ovum Retrieval:

    With the patient sedated and comfortable, the Specialist Doctor retrieves the ova (eggs) through the vagina via ultrasound guidance.

    Stage 3 – Culture and Fertilization:

    The oocytes are fertilized with sperm, via ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and/or PICSI (Sperm Selection).

    Stage 4 Embryo Transfer (ET):

    One or two of the best embryos are transferred directly into the uterus and allowed to implant. The remaining healthy embryos may be cryopreserved (frozen). The pregnancy test is performed 11 days after the embryo transfer.

    Embryo Transfer Room

    Embryo Transfer Room

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