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    Price List

    Prices of follicular unit transplants in Guatemala are less than half of those in the U.S. for the same amount of follicular units transplanted

    Comparative prices of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in U.S.$

    Number of follicular Units in USA in Guatemala clinic (*)
    1000 $8,500.00 $4,200.00
    1500 $10,850.00 $4,800.00
    2000 $12,000.00 $5,800.00

    What about the quality level of such follicular transplantation in Guatemala? Follicular transplants are indeed highly labor intensive; at the Hair Forever Institute In Guatemala three Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are jointly implanting your hair follicles one by one; this delicate procedure is not performed by a General Surgeon with a few courses on FUT, nor a medical technician or a trained nurse, unlike what is sometimes the case elsewhere. Prices include: Fees for team of Board certified Plastic Surgeons, Anesthesiologist, assistant nurses, use of surgical room, assistant nurses in laboratory and in the surgical room, medication during surgical procedures, Specialist follow up consultations, transfer from Airport to hotel upon arrival. Price list does not include:

    • All pre-operation clinical tests in Guatemala (complete hematology, thyroid tests, urine test, X-ray lung) which can all be done on the same day (=approx. $115.00)
    • Physical exam, EKG and medical report by MD Specialist in Cardiology and Internal Medicine ($55.00)
    • All medication to be taken before (e.g.: antibiotics) and/or after leaving the hospital or surgery clinic
    • If patient comes alone or upon advice by Plastic Surgeon: one night stay at surgery clinic just after the operation (=$65.oo) including nurse assistance during that night.
    • Unforeseen medical/surgical  complications experienced by the patient involving unforeseen additional expenses and obliging him to extend his stay at the Hospital/Clinic or at his hotel for follow up or convalescence
    • 5% local bank transaction fee for payment  with credit/debit cards and local tax (Value added Tax = 12%)
    • First pre-surgery consultation with the Plastic Surgeon (= US$45); (the 2nd consultation immediately prior to surgery is free, as well as all the follow-up consultations)

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