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    Micro Follicular Unit transplantation – Guatemala  – Hair Forever Institute:

    Dr. Estuardo Rodriguez Cabrera, Board certified Plastic Surgeon, and his professional team have had over 8 years experience in micro-follicular hair transplant at a fraction of U.S. prices.  Hair replacement in Guatemala is an outpatient procedure.

    This type of hair transplant is not performed by nurses or technicians under the supervision of a plastic surgeon, like is the case elsewhere, but by a team of 3 experienced Board-certified Plastic Surgeons used to work together for this particular procedure, with the full time presence of an experienced Anesthesiologist, who makes sure the patient is comfortable at all times, and with the back up of medical staff specially trained for this labor intensive procedure.  


    While the patient is under anesthesia, the plastic surgeon takes away a tiny strip of skin (1.50 cm wide) together with its hair follicles from the back of the head. This donor area is never affected by hairloss, because it is immune to DHT (dehydrotesterone) the  hormone that produces baldness. The surgery ends with suturing the scar, which remains invisible under the remaining hair at the back of the head.  This part of the procedure only takes 45 minutes. All vital signs of the patient are being constantly monitored during the surgery and the Anesthesiologist is present until the whole procedure is completed.  

     In the meantime the skinstrip with its micro follicles are sent to the surgery clinic´s laboratory (in house), where placed under a special microscope –and under rigorous hygienic and sterile conditions –  the follicles with their roots are being removed one by one from the skinstrip.      By the way, all the surgical micro-instruments are sterilized and being disposed after each use.

    Once the patient has woken up from his anesthesia, he is being seated in a comfortable rest chair from where he can watch TV. At this point the patient can have a snack and walk to the bathroom!  Dr Rodriguez – helped by his experienced team of Board certified colleagues, two other certified Plastic Surgeons – insert the individual follicles – with their roots – one by one into the bald areas. The second part of this procedure lasts about 5 to 6 hours, depending on the amount of follicles that need to be inserted. Once it´s over, the patient can have lunch and eventually go home, with the appropriate pain killing medicines. The whole procedure is absolutely painless.

     Unlike the traditional surgical procedure of transplanting hairgrafts,the advantage of this micro-follicular technique,  is that the new transplanted hair will not have the look of what´s commonly called a “doll´s hair”, but the restored hair will look natural.  

     On the next day, the surgeon will evaluate the surgery and clean the scalp with a special soft shampoo. If the patient wants, he can return home and go back to his normal activities. After another two weeks, he can ask his primary physician to have his suture points at the back of his head removed. Or, if he prefers to take time off, he can see the Plastic Surgeon for another couple of follow up visits and take a vacation to visit emblematic sites in Guatemala.

    The stitches are removed 2 weeks after the hair transplant surgery. Ideally the head Plastic Surgeon who performed the hair transplant, will also take out your stitches.

     WHAT´S NEXT ?  =  …  HAIR GROWTH !

    After that, nothing particular has to be done where the hair follicules have been inserted, just leave it to Mother Nature: the hair will regrow by itself. After 3 weeks, some fine hairs from the affected area will fall down, but the roots of the hair follicles remain, and after 3 months approximately, the new hair will come out: this process is entirely natural.

     The maximum hair growth occurs between 10 to 12 months for men; women have to wait between 16 to 18 months for a complete hair growth.

     The good news is that the hair follicles which have been transplanted from the back of the head into the bald areas retain their immunity against the DHT-hormone, so that baldness never occurs again!  The transplanted hair will be of better quality: thicker, stronger than the ones that were lost  and  immune to baldness. Other advantage: the new hair that will be coming out is not grey, but will be your natural hair color.


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