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    3 Day Trip

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    Hair Restoration takes only 3 Days in Guatemala:

    • Tuesday: Arrival and welcome at Guatemala City Airport. Transfer to your hotel.
    • Wednesday: 8.00a.m.: Clinical tests previously prescribed by Plastic Surgeon and EKG at Diagnosis Center. 2:30 p.m.: Physical exam by Cardiologist and Internist, followed by visit to Anesthesiologist to evaluate test results. 5 p.m.: Consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr Estuardo Rodriguez  to evaluate the quality and quantity of the existing hair, and to decide in agreement with you, the patient,  the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted.
    • Thursday: 7.00 a.m.: Hair transplant surgery performed by Specialists Dr  Estuardo Rodriguez and Dr Rafael Flores at the Hair Forever Institute. In the afternoon you are driven back to your hotel in Guatemala City with  the  Plastic Surgeon´s instructions about intake of anti-biotics and analgesics.
    • Friday: 4 p.m.:Follow-up consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr Rodriguez, who is monitoring  the outcome and gives you the final aftercare instructions. You are driven back to your hotel.
    • Saturday: Transfer to Guatemala City airport to board your flight home, or start your vacation in Guatemala.  You can  return to your normal activities.
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