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    Price List

    Diagnostic Procedures:

    Diagnostic Procedures U.S. $
    Esophageal Manometry or EMS
    Impedance PH-monitoring
    Gastric Endoscopy or EGD
    Procedure Hospital
    Type A
    Ambulatory Clinic
    Type A
    Gallbladder Removal $ 3,334.00 $ 2,000.00
    Inguinal Hernia $ 4,000.00 $ 2,934.00

    Gastric Reflux Surgeries:

    Procedures U.S. $ Hospital Days
    Nissen type total fundoplication
    1 day
    Partial fundoplication
    1 day
    Esophagus gastropexy
    1 day
    Metabolic surgery
    4 days

    Prices of surgery include:

    • Fees of Bariatric Surgeon, of Anesthesiologist, of Assistant Specialist Surgeon and surgical nurse
    • Follow-up consultations after surgery with Bariatric Surgeon in Guatemala City
    • Medication during hospitalization
    • Private room (suite) and meals at the hospital, unless treatment is an outpatient procedure.

    Not included in surgical prices:

    • All medication to be taken after leaving the hospital
    • 6% bank transaction fee if you pay with creditcard and local tax (= Value added Tax: 12%)
    • Pre-surgery tests in Guatemala City, which can be done all in one day (cost = $625.00): Digestive endoscopy (P.S: If you have a video of a previous endoscopy done less than three months ago, bring it with you, otherwise endoscopy has to be done in Guatemala) Esophageal Manometry, Urine analysis, 24h PH measurement, X-rays of thorax (front, back and sides), Electrocardiogram, Spirometry, Complete Hematology

    Requisits prior to traveling:

    1. a certificate from your primary care physician that you are fit to travel
    2. Your medical history:  we´ll email you a Medical History form to be filled in and returned to us before your arrival to Guatemala


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