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    Prices in Antigua

    Average prices in Antigua

    Optical Products:

    Prescription glasses: new frames among famous american & european brands at a price ranging from $50 to $300 a pair, with monofocal, bifocal, or progressive and anti-reflective cover (glasses usually ready after 48hours, with a few exceptions). Transition lenses, soft contact lenses or other optical accessories like lacrymal silicone plugs ($300,- for both eyes)


    Glaucoma treatment: laser therapy (iridotomy & irodoplasty): $350 per eye. Duration = 30 min. Cataract surgeries: with monofocal intra-ocular lense = $1,500 per eye with “restor” or “rezoom” multi-focal lens = $2,500 per eye (this last procedure totally eliminates glasses) Diabetic laser photocoagulation: $350 per eye, per session. (min. 2 sessions per eye); duration = 30 min., per eye, per session Avastin injection for amd (age-related macular degeneration and retine diseases) $500,- per dose

    Prices Include:

    For surgical procedures: prices include surgery fees, anesthesia & follow-up visits at the eye clinic,


    Are made directly to the eye-care clinic. Payments can be made in cash, with American Express traveler´s cheques or credit cards. Please note that if you pay with creditcard a 7% fee will be charged locally.

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