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    Prices Guatemala City

    Average prices in Guatemala city

    Optical products:

    Prescription lenses: frames and lenses range in prices from $50 to $500. Prices vary according to prescription and lens material or characteristics (monofocal, progressive, bifocal, transitions, frame brand, antireflective coating, etc). Usually ready in 24 to 48 hours depending on prescription and materials. Soft contact lenses (monofocal, bifocal, toric, color) $300. Price includes lenses, cleaning solution, case and lubricant eye drops.

    Eye surgeries:

    • Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) both eyes: $1,600 includes sedation anesthesia and 2 consultations post-op.
    • Cataract surgery, biometry, monofocal acrysoft yellow Filter aspheric intra ocular lens, $1,500 per eye, Includes sedation, anesthesia and post op kit
    • Cataract surgery, biometry, monofocal pmma uv filter Intra ocular lens, $1,000 per eye, Includes sedation, anesthesia and post op kit
    • Ptosis correction: (senile – small incision): $1,500
    • Ptosis correction: (congenital – kids): $1,800 (Includes general anesthesia)
    • Lachrymal duct obstruction (dacriocistorinostomy): $1800
    • Lachrymal silicone plugs for dry eyes: $300 both eyes.
    • Laser glaucoma: iridotomy and irodoplasty $350 per eye
    • Laser cleaning of intraocular lens (capsulotomy):$300 per eye
    • Avastin injection: for age related macular degeneration or diabetis: $500 per dose.

    Pricing includes surgical fees, anesthesiologist´s fees and 3 follow-up visits at ophtalmologist´s clinic.


    Direct to the eye-care clinic: in local currency, US$ or credit card. Note: if you pay with credit card a 7% fee will be charged by the local bank.


    All procedures are ambulatory and don´t need hospitalization. Most of the procedures described require one week´s rest, depending on variables that vary with each individual. Usually follow-up is required the day after, and one week post-op consultation in most cases.

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