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    Eye Surgeries in Antigua Guatemala

    Since opening 10 years ago in Antigua Guatemala, Centro Visual G&G has evolved into a thriving, high-tech ophthalmic practice that has treated 15,000 new patients and provided more than 50,000 consultations. Along the way husband-wife team of Dr. José Golcher and Dr. Dalia de Golcher twice outgrew their space, having moved in 2012 to a 3,300-square foot location in the east end of Antigua. One of the reasons of their success is their genuine concern and personal attention to their patients. “Once with the patient we provide personal attention. We like to make a thorough examination, we use technology (videos, apps, etc.) to explain to our patient about his/her illness and treatment. We explain to our patients everything that they need to know” Dr. Golcher said. Both Dr. Dalia like Dr. Jose are bilingual (English-Spanish).

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    The Eye Doctors also keep studying their specialty to follow the latest technologies and treatments. They attend medical conferences in the United States, Colombia, Mexico and Central America and belong to Ophthalmic Societies in Guatemala, Latin America and the U.S. Through casual conversation around town, it’s easy to find endorsements and positive feedback from expats and grateful patients. “I think the world of the Golchersthey saved my vision, no doubt about it,” said longtime Antigua resident Michael Hopkins. Having already lost one eye due to unsuccessful cataract surgery elsewhere, Hopkins, an expat from New Mexico, underwent lengthy treatment for retinal detachment in his only eye, multiple surgeries with complications in his optic nerve and macula and recently developed glaucoma. “It was more than their ophthalmic skills and technology. Their genuine concern and commitment to my overall well-being played a huge part in getting me through this ordeal” he said.

    Usually patients come seeking a new prescription for glasses or contacts, or treatment for pink eye or other eye discomfort. The Clinic’s state-of-the-art technology helps detect some conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, long before the patient would notice any symptoms. Diagnostic equipment in the Clinic’s cutting-edge inventory provides the most precise measurement of the eye dimensions prior to cataract surgery and intra-ocular lens implantations. The Clinic’s ocular fundus camera and an ocular ultrasound create precise photographic images and displays of the eye’s interior. The Eye Clinic uses two laser technologies to treat glaucoma, post-cataract and diabetic patients.

    Dr. Dalia, from Colombia, is specialized in Retina, Vitreous and Macula Surgery, while Dr. José, from El Salvador, specializes in Cornea and Cataract Surgery. Each has an M.D., hers from the University of Cartagena, Colombia; his from UPAEP University, Puebla, México.   “We decided to study different ophthalmic sub specialties to complement each other,” Dr. Dalia said. The doctors have been working together since first meeting at the Eye & Ear Hospital in Guatemala City in 1997. They wed in 2000 and have a familiar story about why they settled in Antigua. “Originally we thought to go back to either one of our countries but that idea did not work out,” said Dr. Dalia, who spent her final year of training in Antigua and fell in love with the city. “I convinced José to stay and the rest is history.”  (From La Revue, March 2015)

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