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    Dr. Giovanni Juarez


    General Surgeon & Cardio-Thoracic  and  Cardio-Vascular Surgeon

    • Graduated as MD in 1998 at San Carlos University (= 7 years of studies, 1 year of residence)
    • 4 years of Postgraduate studies and Residence to become General Surgeon, Guatemala City
    • during his 4 years of training as General Surgeon, Dr Juarez Cheng obtained every year the “Roemmer´s Award”, which is a national recognition given to the best performing resident Surgeon at the San Juan de Dios Hospital
    • Graduated as General Surgeon at San Juan de Dios General Hospital, Guatemala City 2003
    • Resident Surgeon at Unicar (the Cardiovascular Surgical Unit) at the General Hospital, Guatemala City 2004- 2005
    • Assistant Surgeon at renowned Herrera Llerandi hospital, Guatemala City 2006–end 2007
    • Graduated as Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon at Texas University Health Science Center, San Antonio Texas, 2009
    • Head Surgeon Thoracic Surgery at the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security, from 2010 until now
    • Private practice in Guatemala City since 2009

    MEDICAL AFFILIATIONS: – College of Surgeons & Medical Doctors, Guatemala – Guatemalan Association of Pneumology – American College of Chest Physicians

    Dr. Giovanni Juarez Cheng speaks fluently English, and participates on a regular basis at the annual meetings of the American Association of Thoracic Surgery in the U.S.

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