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    Price List

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    Most cardio-thoracic & interventions surgeries in Guatemala are performed using video-endoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases and diseases of the trachea & bronchi

    Surgery Type Hospital Days
    Pulmonary decortication
    5 days &/or 4 nights
    Lobectomy 5 days  &/or 4 nights
    Neumonectomy 5 days  &/or 4 nights
    Thymectomy 3 days  &/or 4 nights
    Pulmonar biopsy 4 days  &/or 4 nights
    Thoracoscopy 4 days  &/or 4 nights
    Bronchoplasty 5 days  &/or 4 nights
    Diaphragmatic hernia repair
    4 days  &/or 3 nights

    Prices include:

    • Fees of Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and assistant General Surgeon
    • Pre-Operation and post-operation (follow-up) consultations with Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon in Guatemala City
    • Hospital stay/room  and medication taken during hospitalization

    Not included in pricelist:

    • All pre-operation clinical tests in Guatemala (clinical lab tests, Ekg, X-rays, physical exam by Specialist in internal medicine)= US$185.oo (= approximate). This price depends on the type of diagnosis needed by the Surgeon and on the type of surgery. More accurate prices can be forwarded upon request.
    • All medication to be taken after leaving the hospital
    • Unforeseen medical complications experienced by the patient obliging him to extend his hospital stay and/or his hotel stay in Guatemala for follow up or convalescence
    • 7% local bank transaction fee if you pay with credit card and local tax (= V.A.T. 12%)
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