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    After Care

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    Pulmonary decortications

      • 1st day after surgery, 1st follow-up consultation with Surgeon, in this case: Wednesday pm.

    You will be in bed, in an upstraight position, because during surgery a flexible tube will be inserted through the side of your chest, which drains fluids and bloodclots away from the intrathoracic space. The chest drain remains during three days while you are being monitored at the hospital by a pulmonary therapist.

    • 3rd day after surgery, you’ll undergo an X ray of your chest, and if it is healing properly, the drain is removed
    • 4th day after surgery (Saturday a.m.): you can leave the hospital
    • 6th or 7th day after surgery, Surgeon takes out the suture points, in this case: the next Monday or Tuesday pm
    • We recommend you to rest during the weekend.
    • You can board a flight on the 8th day after surgery, or if you prefer you can prolong your convalescence in Antigua or at Lake Atitlan

    The same aftercare process happens for following procedures:

    • Lobectomy (right or left)
    • Pneumonectomy (right o left)
    • Bronchoplasty

    The same aftercare process goes for the following procedures, except that the patient can leave the hospital on the 3rd day after  the thoracic procedure and relax in Antigua for the weekend.

    • Thoracoscopy
    • Lung biopsy


    • There is no need for a chest drain
    • During the first 2 days after surgery you remain at the hospital where you are being monitored
    • The 3rd day after surgery you can leave the hospital and go to your hotel
    • The 6th or 7th day after surgery, the sutures can be removed by the Thoracic Specialist (in his consultation office, there is no need to return to the hospital)

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