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    NEW ANTI-AGING TREATMENTS WITHOUT SURGERY   As an alternative to plastic surgerY some women choose non-invasive alternatives, like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and laser resurfacing, to name only a few. In Guatemala several medical spas supervised by Specialist Doctors offer state of the art cosmetic/esthetic procedures, at much more affordable prices than in the U.S.  Moreover, you can undergo here the latest  innovative procedures –widely practiced in Europe (Italy, Spain, France) or in South America (Brasil, Argentina, Colombia) – but which are not yet available in the U.S.

    CARBOX = CO2 injections: the latest anti-aging innovation (Face & Body )

    Originally used in Europe to treat cellulite and flabby skin, it is now also used therapeutically for the face. Labeled as the “Miracle gas” by the Vogue Magazine in Brasil, it produces no side effects and no toxicity. The carbon dioxide is injected into the skin using a tiny needle to permeate the skin’s outer level, which in turn diffuses into the adjacent tissues and skin cells. It diminishes the facial flaCcidity, the eye bags and reaffirms the neckline. This procedure can be done twice a week, and can function as a complement to other treatments, like after a facial. After the therapy your face will be be slightly inflamed during approximately 20 min., without any traces of redness. To see effects of the carbox on the body, you need a minimum of 10 sessions, at a rate of 2 sessions per week.

    BEFOX = Molecular therapy that stimulates the skin own´s revitalization process

    A small amount of blood is taken from the person himself and put in a centrifuge that separates the red blood cells from the plasma, which is then injected with a fine needle in the epidermis. The session ends with the injection of oxygen by means of an equally micro-fine needle. The combination of one own´s plasma with oxygen produces new collagen and elastin, improving the overall aspect of the skin and diminishing fine wrinkles. Before the treatment, a topical cream is applied to the face to eliminate painful sensations.  After the procedure you might notice small hematomas that will fade within 3 days. There are no other side-effects. Improvement is noticeable after one week, it is maximum after 20 days, and stays stable for the next months.  This therapy can be done once a week, every 3 months.

    TIOX = Ozonetherapy = skin-rejuvenation : against wrinkles and flabbiness.

    Ozone has been used by Doctors since 1924 and in 1997, Ozonetherapy has been officially recognized as valid therapy in the EU and other countries, as well as in various medical specialties like urology, traumatology (slipped disc) or in internal medicine (diabetes). Ozone is a non toxic gas derived from Oxygen; it is one of the strongest anti-oxydants, a very powerful bactericide, fungicide and viricide. Besides re-oxygenating your body tissues, it activates your metabolism and breaks down the cellulite, eliminating unsaturated fatty acids. Another advantage is that it also eliminates anti-radicals which are present deep in the skin. Anti-radicals are damaging the normal growth of collagen and prevent the hyalorunic acid to retain water, accelerating the skin’s dehydration. Ozonetherapy is applied by injecting ozone-gas with an extra fine needle directly in different points of the face (or the body). Except for the slight pinch sensation produced by the micro-needle, those injections of ozone-gas are totally painless (contrary to injecting a liquid in the skin) and can be combined with other therapies. No anesthesia is necessary. P.S: this therapy is very different from what is called ozone-vaporizator which is usually being used during a facial.  In this case, only the odor of ozone is being added to the steam, but no ozone is injected to or inhaled by the person being treated.

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