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    Joanna with Dr Rosales MD plastic surgeon

    Ms. Joanna Ruggiero

    Joanna with Dr. Rosales MD Plastic Surgeon

    The Guatemalan hospital experience was extraordinary. The hospitality of staff and Doctors was exceptional. The faciity, operating rooms, outpatient care far exceeded my exspectations. The equipment was state of the art. I have not seen such advanced facilities in the USA, and have not experienced such a focus on family and aftercare in the US. I received anti-aging treatments that far exceeded the same treatments I received back home. I would return again. The products were exceptional and the methods advanced. The cost was considerably less than the US rates. More astounding was the experience ! Brilliant !! Exceptional.”Ms. Joanna Ruggiero, Licensed in Esthetics with State Board of Cosmetology, MA.

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