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    Hospital Multimedica is the most modern outpatient surgery center of attention and innovation in Guatemala; it is located on the 5th floor of the prestigious complex Multimedica in a residential suburb of the capital. The hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical technology.

    Its design exceeds the international standards for this type of installation and was conceived by members of the American Institute of Architecture, specialized in hospital layout. The result is a very functional organization. Inside the Multimedica building, there is a diagnosis center, a clinical laboratory allowing a direct access for the patients.

    The rest of the floor are occupied by private medical practices. The outpatient facility includes 6 operating rooms and functions with a total staff of 28 persons (20 nurses) For post-operative care, the hospital has 20 post-operating rooms as well as 6 private rooms for overnight stay, which contain all the amenities needed for the patients’ comfort.

    The nurses and technical staff are undergoing continuous training to improve the quality of care. On the ground level, you will find a pharmacy, banking services, sale and rental of medical equipement, and local medical insurance offices In the lobby there is a cafeteria that sells snacks and gourmet coffees.

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    More information or Contact Multimedica directly.

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