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    International Institute of Advanced Therapies

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    The International Institute of Advanced Therapies (IITA) is formed by a group of multi-disciplinary Specialist MDs, who perform advanced therapies in association with “Hospital de Diagnóstico”, the most advanced technological hospital in San Salvador (4 hours drive and 45 min flight from Guatemala City).

    All the IITA therapies are performed under a scientific protocol supported by worldwide medical investigation and approved by the Hospital’s Medical & Ethical Comittees. Many of those advanced therapies are not available in some countries, or their prices are considerably higher. Resumes and/or scientific information about those treatments are available upon request.

    The IITA is providing the following advanced therapies:

    1. Stem cell therapies for pulmonary diseases: like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Fibrosis or Emphysema, which are conditions that at the moment do not respond to conventional treatments and which have a bad prognosis for the patient’s life.
    2. Tomotherapy: for Cancer Treatmentthe most modern treatment for cancer without surgery
    3. Spinal cord neuro-stimulation: can be an effective alternative or adjunct treatment to other therapies to manage chronic back and/or leg pain. The IATT uses Medtronic (*) devices because they offer a  portfolio of spinal cord neurostimulators aimed at targeted chronic pain management.


    (*)Medtronic has been innovating in neurostimulator technology for over 30 years. In that time, more than 250,000 patients have benefited from spinal cord stimulation and provided clinicians and patients with reliable pain management systems and service.

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