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    Centro Medico


    Hospital Centro Medico located in a residential district of the capital consists of two modern buildings, totaling 25,000m2 (29.900 square yards).

    The first of its high rise buildings contains the private medical clinics of  250  physicians affiliated with the hospital. Downstairs you´ll find hospital related services, like pharmacy, rental of medical equipement and cafeteria.

    The recently inaugurated second building hosts 8 operation rooms, 13 intensive care units, 92 private rooms and suites, a clinical laboratory and a state of the art diagnosis center, as well as a modern  rehabilitation facility.

    The hospital is host to a total staff of 600 persons: 250 are nurses and 50 technical medical staff.

    The new complex  is topped by a Heliport, equipped with all the safety requirements in compliance with the national aeronautical authorities.

    More information or Contact Centro Medico directly.

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