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    Guatemala City has the largest Medical District of all of Central America, a city within the city, dedicated almost exclusely to private medical providers. Besides the many private clinics and laboratories, the medical district consists of 5 large private hospitals and a top notch radiotherapy center, equipped with the most up to date technology.

    Those private hospitals cater to the Guatemalan middle class, as well to the Americans and Europeans residing in Guatemala. The following medical specialties are taken care of in Guatemala-City’s medical district: cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics, bariatric and gastric surgery, organ transplant, pediatry, oncology. The choice of your hospital depends in large extent of which hospital your Specialist MD is affiliated with.

    Specialist Doctors are often affiliated with more than one hospital within the medical district. A remarkable unknown fact is that the percentage of nocosomial infection rate in Guatemala City´s private hospitals is lower than the infection rate in most American hospitals. The ratio of nurse/patient is 1 to 3. Anyone who has been a patient in one of Guatemala City’s hospitals can testify about the quality of care and the warm attention given by Doctors and medical staff.

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