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    What kind of Checkup?

    What does the Health check up examine ?

    Evaluation of Kidney and Liver functions, Hormonal and Digestive functions, Examination of the Lung, Early detection of polyps, Analysis of bone density, Early detection of risk factors for cerebral and/or cardio-vascular accidents.

    What kind of tests or exams are being performed ?

    A complete physical examination by a Specialist MD in Internal Medicine who speaks English, clinical laboratory tests.

    Cardiology tests: The Cardiac Specialist determines your risk factors, resulting from your medical history and from the following tests: stress test, tomography of coronary arteries (TAC) to detect the risk of coronary diseases

    Other radiology tests: X-Rays of the thorax, gastroduodenal series, ultrasound of the abdomen, bone densitometry, MRI.

    P.S: the Specialists in Radiology are members of the RSNA, the Radiological Society of North America

    Counseling by the Internist MD: All the test results are given to the Specialist in Internal Medicine who will analyze them. He will explain them to the patient and give him recommendations, if necessary.

    Nutritional Counseling: Based on the test results, the nutritionist will counsel the patient and establish with him a custom tailored nutritional plan See our detailed explanation about how your Health Checkup unfolds in Guatemala: How it works

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