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    Health Check-ups Guatemala City

    Health Check Ups

    Dana – Health Check Ups

    “Both my husband and I needed medical check ups and consultations with several Specialist MDs in Guatemala City: We were so happy we found Medical Tourism Guatemala, we did not have to worry about anything, just show up, our Medical experience was super organized and we were able to enjoy our free time after all the round of tests and medical appointments.  Our son who is suffering from severe allergies had a severe asthma crisis here; Cecile referred us to a Naturopath who after a series of bioresonance tests, discovered the real cause of his problems… and put him  on a clean healthy diet coupled with homeopathic medicines, at last we can wane him from all the steroids that he has been receiving for years.  We would never have been able to accomplish that without MTG, thank you Cecile, we´ll recommend you to our friends!  “Dana, Bob & Luc L., Belize

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