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    Maya Pyramids

    Visit TIKAL’s National Park and its Maya Pyramids

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    Nature lovers and cultural pilgrims will want to see one of the world`s major wonders: the Maya temples and pyramids in the sub-tropical jungle of TIKAL, located one hour from the picturesque town of FLORES, in the most northern part of Guatemala. Tikal Because of the site`s remoteness, we suggest you travel by air (a one-way ride in Pullmann bus takes about 10 hrs.) and to stay overnight. For this excursion travelers need to be relatively fit: besides the hot climate, there is some uphill hiking needed in order to reach the ancient metropolis. Nevertheless, the experience will provide you with healthy memories for ever. When you´ll admire the ruins of the largest Classic Maya city, you`ll understand why Guatemala is rightly considered as being the cradle of the Maya Civilization. The Maya settled here 700 B.C. and mysteriously disappeared a thousand years later. During your cultural pilgrimage you´ll discover part of their mysteries and learn about the Maya prophecy of 2012.

    Tikal National Park

    The TIKAL National Park is part of the Maya BIOSPHERE RESERVE, which is a 1,6 million Hectares (nearly 4 millionAcres) of natural sub-tropical forest, where the majority of the Maya cities – and now archeological sites – date from the pre-Columbian era. The UNESCO considers TIKAL as a Cultural & Natural Heritage of the World. After decades of archeological excavations, more than 3.000 structures have been discovered, including temples, palaces, altars, stelae and ball game courts. Tikal_Maya Your immersion in the jungle will also enable you to enjoy a variety of floraandfauna. The National Park of Tikal is the natural habitat for over 300 species of birds, and other mammals, like howler monkeys, deer, foxes, and coatis.The symphony of jungle sounds, together with the rich fragrance of the tropical species, makes it an unforgettable life experience. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers and bird-watchers. If you or your companion are interested in Bird-watching we can recommend you with two specialized and reliable eco-travel agencies.

    PRACTICAL TIPS for visiting TIKAL:

    • Trip reservations: Tikal is a highly sought after destination: In order to insure your seat on the plane and in your preferred hotels – especially on weekends – we suggest to book your excursion as soon as you arrive in Guatemala.
    • Hotels: either in the picturesque town of Flores on Lake Itza-Peten (one hour ride to the archeological site) or inside Tikal´s National Park itself, at the Jungle Lodge, which offers the best accommodation, consisting in spacious bungalows with private bathroom, hot & cold water, ceiling fans and mosquito nets. Plus you can take a dive in their swimming pool set amidst the exuberant nature.
    • Climate: the climate is hot, and in the jungle the humidity is about 90%. The average maximum temperature is between 32C and 42C (90F – 108F). The average minimum temperature is between 20C and 28C (68F- 77F).
    • Clothing: Wear light cotton clothes, shirts with long sleeves and slacks, use extremely comfortable and non-slippery shoes (not sandals) Bring along sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You’ll need a sweater though during the flight.
    • Mosquitos: If you want to be really safe, use insect repellent containing deet (= Di-ethyltoluamide); if you prefer to use natural essences (like geranium, basil or citronella) to keep insects away, remember to apply them hourly, in order to be effective. Other natural ways of repealing mosquitos are: 2 weeks before your trip start eating carrots, take supplements of natural yeast, or drink quinine tea (Natural aromatic essences and quinine tea are for sale in Guatemala).
    • Water & Food: Drink plenty of water during your sight seeing. Bottles of water (agua pura) are sold at the restaurant and at the visitor’s center. Take some trailmix or other snacks with you.
    • Luggage: bring a minimum of personal belongings in a rucksack or similar; you won`t need your heavy suitcase, which will be guarded in your hotel in Antigua or in Guatemala-City until your return. Luggage on the plane to TIKAL/FLORES is limited to 9 Kilos (=19lbs).
    • Electricity: Electricity produced in the hotels inside Tikal National Park is produced by generators. To save energy, electricity is turned off between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am. We recommend to take a flash-light with you if you stay there overnight.
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