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    Antigua Guatemala

    The ideal place for affordable aftercare and a central tourist hub.


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    The best place for your convalescence is in quaint colonial Antigua, 35 miles away from the stress of the capital. Why?

      1. Affordable accommodation: Medical Tourism Guatemala offers you several options: we can put you up in affordable colonial hotels, in small studios or in guesthouses, all depending on your needs. Contact us to have more information.
      2. Affordable nurse assistance: Medical Tourism Guatemala has a network of private nurses, who can assist you during your convalescence, or who can give you follow-up visits, depending of the type of aftercare you need. Fees for nurses cost approximately $50 for 24hrs, or $35 per night.
      3. Affordable entertainment and shopping opportunities
      4. Affordable medical & wellness services: while convalescing after your surgery, you can take advantage of low cost dental, cosmetic and eye-surgery in Antigua.


    1. Tourism : In 2009 Antigua was chosen as the best tourist Destination (among 630 other cities) by the readers of the English magazine Wanderlust. Antigua and its region is the best place for all kind of activities like bird-watching, golfing, horseback riding, hiking to Volcano Pacaya or participating in coffee tours. Antigua is also the tourist hub from where to travel to other parts of the country, like for instance: to the Pacific Beach, to Lake Atitlan with its Maya villages, to the rainforest in Coban, to the archeological centers of Tikal and Coban. And finally to the thermal Spa near Lake Amatitlan.
    2. Healing mind-body-spirit: you are going to travel back in time and unwind in the process. Antigua´s magic and it´s human dimensionhelps to bring about feelings of joy and pleasure, which are essential for your recovery.
    Pictures by: Gustavo Obando y racoles
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