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    Travel to Guatemala, save money and return home in better health !

    Medical Tourism Guatemala1

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    Guatemala, the largest country in Central America, has one of the best medical and hospital services in the region. In the private sector you’ll find highly qualified specialists and well trained medical staff, who are used to treating American and European residents living in Guatemala City or in Antigua.

    The cost of living in Guatemala is lower than in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador or Colombia, with an excellent exchange rate towards the U.S. currency, which is also a factor to consider when choosing your travel destination. Plus if you or your partner want to relax or indulge in some sightseeing activities, “The Land of the Eternal Spring” offers a wide array of possibilities, like bird watching, visiting the Maya Pyramids or the Maya villages at Lake Atitlan, hiking or horseback riding on the slopes of Volcano Pacaya, learning Spanish or just chill out in Antigua or on the beaches of the Pacific or the Caribbean … Learn more

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