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    Will you help me with transportation & accommodation ?

    Yes, that’s one of our missions as Medical Travel Facilitator.Here is a resume of all the services provided by Medical Tourism Guatemala:

    • Use of a cell phone during your medical stay in Guatemala City
    • 24h/24h access to our facilitator for problem solving and in case of emergencies
    • Transfers in Guatemala City: Airport pick-up, transfers- to and from- your hotel to the hospital/clinic, transfers for your pre-and post-op visits with your Specialist MDs
    • Confidential submission of your medical history
    • Follow-up liaison with doctor, hospital and hotel
    • Free translation services when dealing with doctors and staff at the hospital or at the hotel
    • We monitor your convalescence with follow-up visits during your convalescence in Guatemala City
    • We find affordable options for your convalescence in Guatemala City or in colonial Antigua.
    • We facilitate back-up services like a private nurse, a personal assistant or a massage therapist, if needed.
    • We refer you to Spanish teachers for private lessons, if you are interested in learning  Spanish.

    Our concierge fees depend on the time you need for your medical procedures.

    What about language and translation problems ?

    Most of the doctors or their surgical assistants speak english.Whenever necessary, our facilitator is there to help you with translations to communicate with doctors and staff.

    What about hygiene and hospital infections ?

    The nocosomial infection rate in Guatemalan hospitals is lower than 2%, which compares favorably with those reported by hospitals in the U.S. and in other countries.

    How many days after the operation should I stay ?

    Before your arrival, we´ll explain to you how many post-op visits and how many days you should stay after your operation, so that you know how much time you have to set aside for your medical trip and for your convalescence in Guatemala.

    How and when do I need to pay ?

    All your queries for information about the doctor and the type of procedure with the medical travel facilitator and the doctor are free.If you would like to receive an estimate regarding the type of procedure you want, we will email you a medical history form that you have to fill in and return to us. From then on you’ll be able to clarify your doubts and submit any questions you want to discuss with the doctor. Once you make the decision to have your medical treatment done in Guatemala, we will then ask you to transfer a small deposit so that we can book your procedure and schedule it in. The balance is payable during the first visit at your doctor’s office in Guatemala. Payment can be done in cash or with credit card (Visa).  If you pay by credit card, be advised that local banks charge an additional 7%. No personal checks or foreign debit cards are accepted. There are several options of forwarding a deposit. One of them is via a bank wire/transfer. Another convenient way is via Paypal, a secure and free method of payment for the payor.  Your transactions are totally protected when you send payments through Paypal at no charge to you. Your financial information does not reach spa-med-holiday and is kept private with Paypal, a secure server. You can use your bank account to pay online, pay with your credit or debit card, or use your Paypal balance.

    What should I wear and what type of climate is there?

    Please click on our section tourism info where you’ll find all types of practical details to prepare your trip to Guatemala.
    The text and images contained in Medical Tourism Guatemala’s website are for informational purposes only. Its content is not intended to substitute the medical diagnosis or treatment from board certified MD Specialists. Always seek advice from your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Medical Tourism Guatemala does not warrant that the information provided is complete, accurate or up to date. Medical Tourism Guatemala‘s website does not provide medical advice.

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