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    Medical emergency in Guatemala

    Medical Emergency

    Medical Emergency

    “While traveling in Guatemala I had a medical emergency. Fortunately I found www.medicaltourismguatemala.com, and explained my problem to Cecile; within 5 minutes she made an appointment for me with an English speaking Specialist MD for the following morning. Once I arrived  in Guatemala City, Cecile dropped by at my hotel to make sure I was OK. 

    The Urologist was friendly and thorough, he sent me to the hospital for an MRI, blood and urine tests. It was a modern and clean facility, the staff was friendly and attentive. Cecile followed up on me to see if everything went well. It was Saturday, so I had to wait till Monday to have the results. On Monday Cecile called to find out if I had spoken to the Dr, as I had not heard from him, she then called his office immediately and within minutes a nurse called me and put the Doctor on the line. He told me what he saw in the results, his opinion was that I would be fine; he said if I had more problems I should call him immediately.

    Cecile contacted me again because she found another hotel, that was way less expensive and where I could stay with my dog. She went to this other place, spoke with the owner, who would allow me to stay for a long term at a very reasonable price.

    The whole experience went very smoothly. I was impressed by the quality of the medical facilities and the attentiveness of the medical staff, and the cost was very low. My last MRI in the US cost over $4000. The MRI in Guatemala cost the equivalent of $225 I had a potentially life threatening condition, and put my trust in Cecile Billiet. For anyone in a similar situation, I highly recommend contacting her via  www.medicaltourismguatemala.com “ – E.B., Prescott, AZ


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