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    Prices in Antigua

    If you come to Antigua for dental care you´ll soon forget all the unpleasantness of a dental visit because you´ll love vacationing in this beautiful colonial town. You´ll be enchanted by it´s quaint and cosmopolitan atmosphere, where you can easily socialize and engage in many leisure activities.

    We can refer you to several reputable dental clinics that have a staff of certified orthodontists and dental surgeons. They treat Americans and Europeans who are residing in AntiguaGuatemala. Hygiene measures and protocols are the same as in the U.S. The difference is the attention which is friendly and personal.

    Contact us to make an appointment within 24 hours. Plus we´ll assist you with affordable accommodation and transportation. If you are interested, you can receive private Spanish classes, yoga, meditation and dance classes, let us know.

    One-hour treatments:

    Diagnosis and X-Rays
    Prophylaxis ( cleaning)
    Amalgam (silver)
    Resin fillings (white fillings)
    Pit and Fisure Sealing
    Root Canal

    Plan for a 2-Day recovery / Follow-up:

    Dental extraction
    Wisdom teeth surgery
    Dental Whitening

    Plan for a 1-Week or 2-Week recovery / Follow-up:

    Porcelain crown –
    Inlays and Onlays –
    Dental implant (including crown)
    Bridge (3 crowns) –


    Are made directly to the dental clinic. Payments can be made in cash (Quetzales), in U.S. $ or with credit cards. Please note that if you pay with creditcard a 7%  bank fee will be charged locally.

    MTG 2014. Reservados todos los derechos.

    Health Wellness Program Guatemala Medical Tourism association member Agexport Spa Med