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    Prices Guatemala

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    Prices dental procedures in Antigua & Guatemala City

    Clinical Evaluation
    Dental X-Ray (periapical/per tooth)
    Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
    Diagnostic Models /Casts
    Pit and Fissure Sealant
    Porcelain Veneer = same as Porcelain Crown
    White Composite/Silver Amalgam Class IComposite Class III, IV, V (for anterior fillings)
    Composite/Amalgam Class II (= large filling)
    Crown Porcelain fused to metal
    Crown (Empress II)
    Crown (Procera, Zircon, Lava, Ivoclar)
    Dentures (each)
    Removable Partial Denture (RPD)
    Repair Denture
    Rebase Denture
    Occlusal Night guard
    Abutment (titanium post)
    Endo (anterior region, single root canal treatment)
    Endo (posterior region, multiple root canal treatment)

    All products/materials used in dental practices referred to by Medical Tourism Guatemala are FDA approved.


    Directly to the dental clinic. Payments can be made in Quetzales, U.S $ or with credit cards

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