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    Dental rehabilitation & cosmetic dentistry

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    Latest dental technology in Guatemala City via 3-D CADCAM and 3-D X-Rays  

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    Medical Tourism Guatemala only refers to board certified and ethical dental professionals who belong to an elite group of dental surgeons, who speak English. The referral is based on our own dental experience, that of our patients and family members, who have undergone extremely successful dental rehabilitation.

    All of them have completed additional subspecialty training abroad and participate to international congresses. Some also teach at the Guatemalan Faculties of Odontology; that´s the reason why the best dental surgeons are located in Guatemala City. By the way, there are over 3,500 graduated dentists in Guatemala.

    Three Universities in Guatemala City include Masters and post-graduate training in different odontological  sub-specialties, like Pediatric Odontology, Maxillofacial surgery, Orthodoncy, Periodoncy, Oral Rehabilitation and Stomatology. Prices of dental procedures in Antigua are similar to those in Guatemala City.

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