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    Why Guatemala?

    For more information

    • Lower prices than in Mexico and Costa Rica
    • Favorable exchange rate
    • Close to the U.S.: non-stop flights (from 2 to 4hrs.) and same time-zone (GMT – 6 hrs)
    • Elite Specialists MDs trained in Europe, in the U.S , Canada and South America
    • First-class hospitals with JCI accreditation in process
    • Timely attendance: no long waiting lists for medical procedures
    • The “Medical District” is located in a residential area near major hotels and only 15 minutes from Guatemala City´s International Airport (GUA)
    • Guatemala already receives medical travelers from southern Mexico and other countries of Central America
    • Stem cell therapies (adult & umbilical cord) available at affordable prices
    • A wide choice of treatments in alternative medicine (oxygen therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropraxis, biomagnetism…)and anti-aging
    • Americans, Canadians and Europeans don’t need a Visa to visit Guatemala, a valid passport is enough
    • Guatemala City: a cosmopolitan city, considered the cultural & financial capital of Central America
    • Springlike climate all year round = ideal for medical treatments and for a pleasant convalescence
    • No vaccine is necessary to travel to Guatemala
    • Guatemala: a mecca for leisure, cultural entertainment, sports and eco-tourist activities
    • Opportunity to learn Spanish with private teacher at highly attractive fees
    • Hospitality of the Guatemalan people: 91% of foreign tourists say they would make a return visit to Guatemala and 96% of them would recommend Guatemala (according to a survey by the Guatemala Tourist Board)
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