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    Cecile Billiet - Your Medical Travel Facilitator

    Cecile Billiet  –   Medical Travel                                 Facilitator

    Medical Tourism Guatemala was started  in 2007 by Cecile Billiet, a pioneer for medical travel and wellness vacations in Guatemala. Cecile is a member founder of Guatemala’s Health & Wellness Tourism Commission at Agexport (Guatemala’s Exporters’ Association). She is  also part of the organizing Committee of Agexport´s Service Summit, a biannual congress and networking event  to promote Guatemala´s  outsourcing sector. The ITC (International Trade Center, a joint organization of the United Nations and of the World Trade Organization) chose Spa-Med-Holiday as a case study in sustainable development for the outsourcing of services in developing countries. Medical Tourism Guatemala was selected by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) as a candidate to receive  the “International Arch of Europe Award”, a Quality Recognition Award honoring people and organizations that exemplify excellence. In 2011 Spa-Med-Holiday a.k.a. Medical Tourism Guatemala  has been nominated as one of the finalists to receive the National Exporter´s Award in the services’ category for 2011.

    Medical Tourism Guatemala has also been mentioned several times in the national and international press, as well as in E-newsletters, like Medical Tourism Magazine www.medicaltourismmag.com, Mercados y Tendencias www.revistamyt.com, Revista Data Export  www.export.com.gt, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa www.lineonline.com, The Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1294186/My-cancer-drug-costs-just-2-day–did-I-Guatemala.html

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The text and images contained in Medical Tourism Guatemala’s website are for informational purposes only. Its content is not intended to substitute the medical diagnosis or treatment from board certified MD Specialists. Always seek advice from your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Medical Tourism Guatemala does not warrant that the information provided is complete, accurate or up to date. Medical Tourism Guatemala‘s website does not provide medical advice.


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