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    Concierge Services

    WHY choose Medical Tourism Guatemala?  Know all the reasons:

    1.       We are not an advertising portal posting dozens of hospitals, doctors and clinics from multiple medical destinations whose hidden agenda is to make money no matter which doctor you choose, as long as you “click “on one of their multiple choices. Many of those  international portals have barely set foot in our country, but you the patient are better served by top quality Specialists whom we know and work closely with.

    2.       We are a founding member of Guatemala´s Health & Wellness Commission- a national non profit organization-  and are therefore bound by an ethics code, implementing best practices with medical travelers, attending them in their language. You the patient are our number one priority.

    3.       We are located in the heart of Guatemala City´s medical district and are permanently in personal contact with Doctors, Hospitals and the local medical community; we are able therefore to choose out the best health professionals for you, according to your needs and requirements.

    4.       You can rely on us as your trusted local concierge to help you out in any situation here 24/24h and to facilitate all your back up services (transportation, accommodation, etc) at the most affordable prices.

    5.       You´ll be saving money without sacrificing on quality. You are paying local prices, not inflated by unnecessary commissions. We are being paid by the Specialist MDs whom we represent, so that you don´t pay more than if you would be living here.

    6.       Our information and price quotes are transparent: you´ll know exactly beforehand how everything goes. We are prompt in answering all your requests within 48hrs.

    7.       You´ll benefit of our pre- and post- surgery close follow-up. Your health and security is our utmost concern.

    8.       We are highly motivated to offer you the most pleasant experience in Guatemala because you are going to be our best advocate with your family and friends!

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