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    Concierge Services

    WHY choose Medical Tourism Guatemala?  Know all the reasons:

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    We are located in the heart of Guatemala City’s Medical District which allows us to remain close to you the patient and give all the personal attention you require prior, during and after your medical procedures. Since the top MD Specialists of Guatemala work in the capital’s private hospitals, that’s where they’ll treat you and that’s where they’ll want to follow up your recovery; hence we are always close by and available to provide you immediate assistance and the support you may need: your health and your comfort is our number one priority.

    We are your trusted guide to help you out in any situation 24/7 and to facilitate all your back up services (transportation, accommodation, etc.) at the most affordable prices. Our information and price quotes are transparent: you’ll know exactly ahead of time the type of procedure which is going to be performed and how it is going to be accomplished.  We are prompt in answering your Emails, being it within 48hrs. You’ll be saving money without sacrificing on quality: you’ll be paying local prices, not overestimated by agents.

    The Guatemalan Doctors whom we refer you to, are taking it upon themselves to pay our facilitation services, because they are happy to serve foreign patients: it is their way to promote Guatemala as a medical destination. Being at the heart of the Medical District where everything happens, we have the knowledge and the contacts within the medical community to select the best health professionals for you, depending on your medical requirements and your financial situation. As founding member of Guatemala’s Health & Wellness Commission – a non-profit organization promoting Guatemala as a reliable medical destination – we are bound by an ethics code, implementing best practices with medical travelers: our mission is broader than ourselves, our goal is to benefit Guatemala and its people.

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The text and images contained in Medical Tourism Guatemala’s website are for informational purposes only. Its content is not intended to substitute the medical diagnosis or treatment from board certified MD Specialists. Always seek advice from your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Medical Tourism Guatemala does not warrant that the information provided is complete, accurate or up to date. Medical Tourism Guatemala‘s website does not provide medical advice.


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