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    Why MTG?

    About Us

    Medical Tourism Guatemala is a pioneer for medical travel to Guatemala. Its General Manager, Cecile Billiet, a member founder of Guatemala’s Health & Wellness Tourism Commission, a non-profit organization representing Guatemala´s medical travel sector with Guatemalan Tourist and Export Authorities. Via her active involvement in Agexport to promote Guatemala as a medical tourism destination, she is also in close contact with Guatemala´s top medical providers.  MTG refers patients to the best Guatemalan Specialist MDs, whose excellence is based on their credentials and outcomes, as well as their human and ethical values towards their patients.

    WHY Medical Tourism Guatemala?

    We are located in the heart of Guatemala City’s Medical District which allows us to remain 24/7 in close contact with the patient, to accompany him/her at every step of the way and give him/her a highly personalized attention beyond the mere medical processes.  Since the elite MD Specialists work in Guatemala City, that’s where they want to monitor their patients during their recovery;                 a MTG representative is therefore immediately available to provide 24/7 support and assistance to the patient and his/her travel companion.

    Our Services

    MTG also provides the patient with all the needed back up services (transportation, accommodation,  etc.) at the most affordable prices. MTG prides itself to inform the patient as accurately as possible about the desired procedure and what is included in its cost. MTG´s patients will pay local prices – not overestimated by agents – without sacrificing the quality of care they´ll receive.  The Guatemalan Doctors like taking it upon themselves to pay MTG´s facilitation services, because a relaxed and happy patient – both inside and outside of the hospital – has a better chance of a positive therapeutic outcome.

    Excelling in Facilitation Services:

    MTG’s medical interpreters go beyond the mere translation at the doctor´s office: they take care of the patient as soon as he/she lands at Guatemala City´s Airport, help him/her to settle down in their hotel or recovery home, schedule appointments with doctors and nurses, collect medical reports, deal with bureaucratic issues, help with banking formalities, recommend places for shopping in Guatemala City or in Antigua. MTG´s patients are never left alone to their own devices, instead they receive first class attention during their whole medical travel in Guatemala.


    Our number one priority is our commitment to the patient and his/her travel companion´s total well being during their medical vacation in Guatemala.

    Concierge Services:

    Medical Tourism Guatemala provides you with the assistance and logistics that you’ll need during your medical stay in Guatemala. We are based locally, which means that our clients pay the same prices for the services that are offered to the Guatemalans,  be it for transportation, accommodation or medical/wellness treatments. Surgical interventions take place in modern private hospitals, referenced by the American Embassy. Our primary concern is your safety and total well being in our host country.  We take care of you as soon as you land, so that your medical vacation in Guatemala evolves into one of your most pleasant experiences.

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The text and images contained in Medical Tourism Guatemala’s website are for informational purposes only. Its content is not intended to substitute the medical diagnosis or treatment from board certified MD Specialists. Always seek advice from your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. Medical Tourism Guatemala does not warrant that the information provided is complete, accurate or up to date. Medical Tourism Guatemala´s website does not provide medical advice.


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